About Luigi’s Pizza

Early in the 1920’s, my family’s ancestors immigrated from Sicily to the United States. While growing up, we had many family reunions and get togethers. Many stories were told at these reunions about the way of life then and also about family members. One particular uncle’s name came up often in these stories. This was my Great-Uncle Louigi. He was known to be quite an unsavory character but one thing that stood out about his stories was his passion for Italian food. Hearing the stories of how Uncle Louigi’s meals were often the highlight of a long day of work sparked my interest in cooking.

As a teenager, I worked often at restaurants in the summers and even part time during the school year. I eventually decided to join the military and served in the US Army. After my service in the military, I decided to take the leap into the food business. My wife and I searched the entire United States for the perfect location to settle down in and when we came to Clarksville Tn, we thought it would be perfect, This was in 1985, and we’ve been in business since then. My wife and I developed our dough recipe and to this day it is made fresh daily and used when it has risen to perfection. Our delicious pizza sauce is made fresh daily as well using our family’s unique blend of spices. You can always count on Luigi’s Pizza to have the freshest dough and pizza sauce out there!

As the Home of the Giant Texas size Pizza, our family has proudly been serving the Ft. Campbell, Clarksville, and Oak Grove communities. It is a blessing to be able to work closely with my family and for us to be a part of this growing area.

Our mission statement:

To become your hometown pizza place by earning your trust!


If you’re ever dissatisfied with our pizza…if we fail you in any way or let you down for any reason…please let me know! If I can’t make it right, I will give you your money back…EVERY PENNY! — Paul